Black Filmmakers Forum 2017

Accidental Films and TV co-ordinated and moderated the second edition of the Black Filmmakers Forum at the 19th Encounters Documentary Festival in 2017. You may listen to the discussion by pressing the play button above.

In conversation with filmmakers, Sylvia Vollenhoven, Weaam Williams, and Vuyokazi Matu, who share their experiences, this edition of the Black Filmmakers Forum explores the role of broadcasters and how their support or lack thereof affects us on a local and international level.

The discussion was recorded on a phone and we have done our best to get the audio levels constant, but because of distance from speakers, it does fluctuate. Using headphones will make it easier to hear the softer speakers.

You will hear the sound of a guitar string being plucked each time there is an edit in the conversation. The edits happen when the recording was stopped (by the phone’s timer), or when there was an extended pause in the discussion. No content has otherwise been edited from the conversation.

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