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Engender is a feminist magazine TV programme that encourages South Africans to be bold and create the society we read about in our Constitution. We explore and expose gender inequality in society with the aim of making ours a better world for everyone, including our daughters and sons.

Our three part pilot examines society and argues that Feminism is still needed in a country hailed for its progressive Constitution, and in a world where we can communicate instantly with friends in different time zones.Despite policy and technological advances, we struggle to advance into a lived experience where we are treated equally regardless of where we place ourselves on the gender continuum, where boys are not discouraged from pursuing ballet, or girls are allowed to be raucous, where men may express their vulnerabilities and women may be confident without being called aggressive or feisty.

EPISODE 1 explores the origins of feminism, unpacks what feminism is and what it is not, and how feminist action has changed society globally and locally in South Africa.

EPISODE 2 examines the way media represent people through a gendered lens that normalises stereotypes about people based on perceived genders and sexualities.

EPISODE 3 grapples with the complexity of intersectional feminism to show how race, class, sex, age, and ablism intersect or interlock to multiply the effects of prejudice on an individual.

Engender was broadcast on Cape Town Community TV during the 16 Days of Activism in 2015.

We hope you enjoy the programme and that it inspires debate within your network.

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The three part pilot is funded by the Heinrich Boell Foundation.

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