Feminism Across the Globe

Around mid-February 2017 we were contacted by Hisham Ashour who is studying Communication at Northwestern University in Qatar. Hisham and his group were interested to learn more about Engender, especially with regards to the intersection of race and feminism in South African media.

He is interested in the representation of feminism on TV because it is a topic which has recently become more and more relevant globally as media has made access to information around equality much easier than before. Another reason for his interest in Engender was that he was looking at media which was neither mainstream American nor mainstream European. (Engender was broadcast on the community TV platforms Cape Town TV and 1KZN TV in South Africa) The broad goal of his research was to complete a textual analysis along with the research to see how the themes of race and gender were conveyed. This will be part of his group’s presentation for their class called Understanding Media Contexts.

Hisham says they were interested in feminism because they believe it is often misunderstood. They also aimed to compare and contrast the different issues feminists face abroad and their media approaches.

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