Game Plan at SAE Institute

Accidental Films and TV was thrilled when the team at SAE Institute in Woodstock signed us up to run Game Plan for their third year students in August.

The Film and Business Game Plan introduces students to the business model canvas as a tool that will help them to identify and design (and re-design) the unique business model for their projects. At the end of the course they are able to apply the tool to any project in the future and use business terminology with confidence. Game Plan stands participants in good stead to approach creative projects with a solid understanding of how the creative interacts with and is influenced by the business and vice versa.

Applying the Persona Exercise

After five years of writing proposals, knocking on doors and all round championing of the Business Model Canvas tool, SAE took the bait. We were delighted that someone had realized how the canvas can assist their students at school and going forward with their careers as filmmakers. Not only that, their curriculum was flexible enough to accommodate three x three hour workshops that took students through the ins-and-outs of the canvas.

Here are some comments from the pioneering third year Game Plan class:

It simplified and made the terminology easier to understand.

I am going to approach future projects with more confidence and an open mind.

The workshop has allowed me to improve my business model and future business practice in ways I did not know were necessary.

It will make me more organized and prepared.

It helped me to know my customers and their demands better.

It helped me to collect more information about my project.

Some of the third year students on the first Game Plan Course at SAE

Read more on the Business Model Canvas tool in South Africa.

If you are interested to learn how to apply the Business Model Canvas to your own projects, please get in touch.

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