I Want To Be A Teapot

In a world where progress makes treasured items obsolete and useless at a rapid pace, Katie Thompson and REcreate are a breath of inspired air. Katie Thompson, owner of REcreate, takes discarded items like suitcases, typewriters, and pots and repurposes them so they have a new function and serve a different purpose. A suitcase, e.g. becomes an armchair, a couch, or a cupboard!

The films were produced as part of an Advanced Filmmakers’ Course at Big Fish School of Digital Filmmaking. My mentor during this process was Liz Fish, who was supportive and engaged. I learnt a lot from working with her and also enjoyed the chance to work with someone whose role was to help me make my films better. Most of all, Liz helped me to believe that I can make films.

The films were funded by the National Lottery.

The short film, directed and edited by Tina-Louise Smith(that’s me!) will show at International Museums Day on 18 May 2012.

Museums Day



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