Mr Table Tennis

Mr Table Tennis is the inter-generational story of Pedro and Cody Meyer. Their big dreams unfold against an ambiguous socio-economic climate that determines the choices they make in life and in table tennis.

Pedro Meyer was a brilliant table tennis player and a showman. Living under apartheid meant he was unable to test his game on the international stage. Today he has placed his dreams of world domination in his grandson, Cody.

Growing up in the New South Africa, Cody has been able to travel and compete internationally and he knows his family would like him to continue where his grandfather left off.

Cody is torn between pursuing his new passion, DJing, and table tennis, which is in his blood.



Loved it! Beautifully nuanced, and soulful. Great generational juxtaposition. Who woulda thought table tennis played such a pivotal role in the struggle as the first sporting code to force sanctions.

Talk about untold stories!   DINGI NTULI, PRODUCER, MASALA FILMWORKS

Congratulations on the success of your documentary, Mr Table Tennis. Mum and I watched it together and were intrigued and chuffed with the documentary. It is great that you bring such important history to life for our communities and country.    LESLEY ANN FOSTER, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, MASIMANYANE WOMEN’S SUPPORT CENTRE

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  1. Yes had the unfortunate opportinity to play against Mr.Meyer in his garage when I was playing for HEATHCROWN from heathfield…quite an experience and quite educational.Mr Meyer coached me while we were playing a league match…won’t mention the score..but I dont think I won one game.Go from strength to strength Sir..all the best

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