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“As an historically disadvantaged filmmaker who has struggled to produce her films for the past 18 years, it is clear to me that black filmmakers need economic support to be able to consistently produce films that contribute to a more honest and more representative national story. Through informal discussions I am aware that there are many more black filmmakers who know the same.

The South African film sector perpetuates the current status quo through established structures, ways of operating and systemic racism that continues to support white filmmakers over their historically disadvantaged counterparts. As much as government may be committed to economic redress and to creating opportunities for black filmmakers, its attempts are encumbered by structural racism and the economic reality bequeathed to South Africa by apartheid.

Black filmmakers in the Western Cape in particular are frustrated that their needs are not being understood, addressed and acknowledged. It is clear that government funding through the NFVF is also limited and other than the NFVF and the DTI, where do filmmakers go to fund their films?

This situation has remained unchanged in the Western Cape and it is a problem that has continued to bother me. I realize that we need funding beyond government for black and historically disadvantaged filmmakers in the Western Cape in particular and in South Africa in general. Because of this, I agreed to develop, co-ordinate and moderate this panel discussion at the Encounters South African International Documentary Festival this year.”

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Photographs at the panel discussion were taken by Shaun Swingler.

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Show Me The Money was hosted and supported by the Encounters South African International Documentary Festival

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